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Aerial Cinematography.
We’re always striving not only to push the boundaries of video production in exciting new ways, but to make it an affordable option for our clients. That’s why we’re now proud to offer aerial cinematography. We offer the option to bring our in-house drones plus our talented drone operators combining awesome capabilities of stunning aerial shots with the agility and affordability of a lightweight drone. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this amazing feature, reach out to us. We’re happy to provide you with a free quote and talk you through how this exciting feature can make your next video stand out and rise above the rest.

Corporate Videos.
These are an essential part of any solid marketing strategy, and play a crucial role on websites, at trade shows, and in the training and professional development of employees. RAISING THE BAR specializes in creating impactful corporate videos.

Utilizing a concise, quality video on a website to give an overview of the company, products or services has been proven to increase traffic, decrease bounce rates, and ultimately increase sales.

TV Shows.
Starting out in 2010, we majorly produced television shows before branching out to other areas of production. Some of the shows we have produced include, XXL (NTV), THE JUMP OFF (Urban TV), Salute The DJ on Urban TV.

Customer Testimonials.
Not all of your potential customers are going to have the motivation or attention span to sit down and read four or five paragraphs written by your past buyers – even if those buyers have been singing your praises!

When a potential buyer can watch a video featuring colleagues who describe how your product or service solved their problems, or overcame challenges, you definitely have their full attention – and you have greatly increased your chances of making a sale. Well-made client testimonial videos are beyond merely compelling. When done right, they can create a huge stream of new leads and effectively close sales already in the pipeline.

Event Filming | Capture Your Event.
You spend a small fortune to develop and orchestrate all the logistics that ensure a great Event, Exhibition or Customer experience. Why not let Raising The Bar help your company take full advantage of the opportunity, and capture the excitement and the experience from the ground up?

Give us a call when you are planning your next event, and we can share a variety of options that will extend your investment by harvesting quality content for ongoing use across all of your marketing channels.

Custom Event Screen Graphics
Making your event glamorous is what you always look for.
We have creative capabilities to make your event shine with custom made screen graphics.

Music Videos
Our approach to producing videos is from the artist’s perspective and what they are trying to achieve.  And then we let the pictures do the talking

Wondering how you can get a video like this for your company?
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